T h e H a r v e s t

From the first decade of September to late November, the age-old harvest ritual takes place again, a time for the local farming community to come together in celebration but also to perform rigorous studies of the land, and to carefully control the grapes.

The intoxicating scent of freshly pressed must, the spectacle of bountiful green rows, of full wooden crates and the pressing of the grapes: harvest time is finally here, the pivotal moment of every wine-making year. The ripening of the grapes represents a real moment of commonality and study here at Tenute Mannino di Plachi, a time to monitor and implement changes within the vineyard. With the utmost respect for the natural environment, our aim is to harvest grapes of the highest quality year after year. The picking begins with the grapes needed for the sparkling base wine, collected during the first ten days of September, while in the first week of October – it is time to harvest red and white grapes (the latter variety around the third ten days of the month). Finally, some years, a portion of Nerello Mascalese is left to dry on the branches to be harvested in November.