T h e O i l

In just over two hectares on the northern slopes of Mount Etna, in the Trimarchisa district, we produce a high-quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil – a blend of native cultivars Nocellara dell’Etna and Brandofino – full of the aromas, colours and flavours of this unspoilt volcanic region.

The Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Oro di Plachi) produced by Tenute Mannino di Plachi is obtained from olives growing within a small plot of land, just over two hectares. The plot was acquired in October 2020 and is farmed according to traditional systems integrated with the most advanced technologies. The igneous soils that is home to the olive trees – forming the soft terraces that embrace the estate – represent a unique habitat for the production of perfectly healthy drupes, harvest after harvest. The varieties grown on the estate are the natives Nocellara Etnea (80%) and Brandofino (20%), they are picked by hand during the first decade of November and conveyed to one of the many traditional mills of the area to be cold pressed, following rigorous manufacturing standards and biologically certified. No additives are used at any time. Our olive oil is rich and balanced in flavour, with intense aromas of artichoke, tomato and herbs. The colour is a brilliant gold with green highlights.