O u r o l i v e g r o v e s

Nocellara Etnea and Brandofino give life to Oro di Plachi, an Extra Virgin Olive Oil obtained from a century-old olive grove established on the northern slopes of the volcano, in the Trimarchisa district. An organic niche production spread over just over two hectares.

The century-old olive trees that surround the Trimarchisa estate – in the municipality of Castiglione di Sicilia: an organically farmed production distributed over just two hectares of land, that give life to an extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality, Oro di Plachi. A blend of two native cultivars, Nocellara Etnea (80%) and Brandofino (20%), among the island’s most ancient varieties. Nocellara tipically has a medium-dense crown and bears fruit at a rather early in the year. Brandofino is known for its aromatic and organoleptically complex fruit and is extremely important for the area’s biodiversity. The family olive grove is small and can therefore be farmed using traditional techniques, skilfully combined with modern technologies. Right on the slopes of Mount Etna, olive-growing is an ancient practice and the area is still scattered with numerous traditional oil mills which – in the first decade of October – open their doors to all the local growers, so they can collectively mill their freshly harvested produce.