A g e i n g a n d w o o d s e l e c t i o n

Medium-toasted French oak tonneaux for the ageing of red wines: a choice that allows slower and more gradual oxygenation, resulting in more intense aromas and greater stability.

The wines of Tenute Mannino di Plachi are aged in steel with the exception of our Etna Rosso, which ages in wood. The casks used are medium toasted French oak tonneaux, as they allow for a slower oxygenation compared to barriques, and the impact on the aromatic content of the wine is less invasive. In this way, the wine evolves elegantly as it ages, developing intense aromas, good structure and extraordinary longevity. The work that takes place in the cellar is careful and fascinating: only the greatest attention paid to these 500-liter containers will preserve the wine from excessive oxidation and other defects. Etna Rosso DOC Placo 2018 and Etna Rosso DOC Placo 2016 Riserva will then be left to age further in bottle.