C l a s s i c m e t h o d s p a r k l i n g w i n e

The best Nerello Mascalese grapes, harvested in advance to preserve their acidity and freshness, give life to two classic method sparkling wines, a limited production of 1000 bottles each.

Less than 1000 bottles produced each year for the Caterina di Plachi vintage sparkling wine with the classic method technique: the best Nerello Mascalese grapes are selected and harvested early – at the peak of their acidity and freshness – and then lightly pressed. At this point, the free run must will be ready to begin its long process of transformation and rest. Thus begins the second fermentation in the bottle for the classic method Caterina di Plachi. After adding the selected sugars and yeasts (liqueur de tirage), the bottles are placed horizontally for over three years at a controlled temperature. After resting on the lees in the cool and dark environment of the cellar, the remuage phase takes place: the bottles are finally turned slightly by hand, allowing the exhausted yeasts to gather to the bottom, waiting for the final disgorgement and the addition of the liqueur d’expedition. A niche production that gives Etna Spumante Classic Method “Caterina di Plachi” an extraordinary evolution of perlage and great aromatic complexity.