A f a m i l y h i s t o r y

H i s t o r y a n d I d e n t i t y

Tenuta del Gelso is an extraordinary and innovative agricultural hub. It is here that the Mannino family began their productive journey

The manor estate of Tenuta del Gelso has represented an extraordinary and innovative winemaking laboratory since the early nineteenth century. From here Baron Franz Mannino exported his wines to Europe and North America, obtaining prestigious awards in various World Fairs. Come harvest time, the Palmento – one of the area’s most ancient surviving vinification structures – became the gathering place for all the residents of the estate: joyful children, friends and neighbours, everyone flocked to Tenuta del Gelso to rejoice and celebrate the new harvest till dawn. A custodian of ancient traditions, the estate is also known for its capacity to look to the future and anticipate change. The halls of the Villa still echo with the voices and the lively conversation of illustrious guests such as writer Giovanni Verga or eminent physicist Ettore Majorana, who found among the members of the Mannino family many kindred spirits and supportive patrons.