T h e c i t r u s f r u i t s o f t h e P i a n a

Tarocco oranges, Tarocco Gallo da Tavola, Tarocco for juicing, Tarocco Scirè but also lemons and clementines: the Piana di Catania boasts one of the most fertile soils in Sicily, thanks to the presence of lava flows that permeates the land with precious minerals.

The Piana Etnea has always been considered among the most traditional areas for the cultivation of citrus fruits, with very fertile soils suitable for a quality citrus production – including mainly oranges with red pulp (Tarocco Oranges, Tarocco Gallo da Tavola, Tarocco for juicing, Tarocco Scirè), lemons and clementines. Extended for about 43,000 hectares, of alluvial origin, the territory of the Piana is characterized by the presence of lava flows in continuous coexistence with the rich and varied vegetation. The microclimate – dry and ventilated, with temperatures never rigid during the winter season and peaks of heat during the summer – then allows a proper coloring of the skins of the citrus fruits, and health and vitamin properties unique in the world. The strong temperature variations between day and night during the full ripening of the fruit – between the months of October and December – allow, finally, the development of anthocyanins, fundamental to maintain the red skin.