S u s t a i n a b i l i t y a n d h a b i t a t

Respect for nature and a concrete commitment to sustainability. Tenute Mannino is the preserver of a rich and unspoiled natural environment, known for is beauty all over the world.

Sustainability plays an essential role in every phase of Tenute Mannino’s entire supply chain. An environmentally respectful production-cycle begins with climate and soil which, here on the slopes of Mount Etna are volcanic in origin and extremely rich in minerals. These elements ensure a flourishing development of the planted vines, which take on a characteristic bushel shape, faithful expression of a unique terroir and an extraordinary tradition of heroic viticulture. Thanks to their technical know-how, the winegrowers of Tenute Mannino are aware of how the vineyards and the volcano interact and have learned to “listen” to such interactions with increasing awareness, thus developing a range of targeted sustainability protocols. Starting from the permeability of the soils, which guarantee the plants an adequate water supply – thanks also to the manual earthing up of the stems – all the way to the implementation of dry farming practices which result in smaller yields but improved quality. The calendar for the entire vintage is carefully planned in full compliance with the most up-to-date eco-sustainable standards for all operations from vineyard to cellar, thus greatly reducing the need for chemical additives.