A v o c a d o , w h a t a p a s s i o n !

This tropical fruit has made itself at home here in Sicily. Our avocados grow on lava soils, caressed by the sea breeze. Non-intensive plantations and a short supply chain guarantee the highest quality and freshness.

The availability of locally grown avocadoes in Sicily is a recent novelty in an island widely known for its traditional citrus production. The microclimate of the Etna region – the dry winds blowing in from the Ionian coast along the slopes of the volcano – together with its igneous soils rich in minerals – make it especially suitable for a tropical fruit that needs plenty of sunshine and high temperatures to thrive. The varieties grown here on the Piana – which include Hass, Fuerte, Bacon, Cocktail and Zutano – are a guarantee of quality, traceability, organic certification and, especially, freshness: the fruit is packaged and shipped immediately after picking. A smart choice especially for the domestic market: locally producing fruit that is currently in such high demand is environmentally sound and reduces transport costs from South America to Italy.