C A T E R I N A D I P L A C H I , E T N A D O C B R U T S P U M A N T E

A classic-method sparkling wine aged on the lees for 38 months, obtained from Nerello Mascalese grown on the northern slopes of Mount Etna. A wine of great structure and acidity, with a fine perlage and complex aromas of broom flowers, crusty bread and dried fruit. The palate is extremely plush, with pleasant notes of citrus.


COLOUR: Bright straw yellow.

AROMA: Intense and floral with notes of broom blossom, crusty bread, citrus and dried fruit.

PALATE: Plush and refreshing, with hints of citrus.

FOOD PAIRINGS: This wine is extremely food-flexible and is perfect enjoyed with seafood and fish courses, but also a traditional Italian risotto.